who We Are

Who We Are  

ACT is committed to building capacity of African CSOs (NGOs and Communities), generating an Africa-led and Africa-owned body of evidence to inform decision making for an effective and sustainable response to the most critical challenges facing TB elimination in the continent. Our mandate is to complement public sector efforts in TB management and prevention, generate and support the use of evidence for meaningful action to improve the lives of people affected by the disease and all Africans through capacity building, influencing policy on TB and most importantly research.

ACT has been an independent, registered institution since 2017 hosted by Afro Global Alliance Ghana, emerging from a partnership effort started in 2010 and led by CITAM+. Since its inception, the coalition has grown from a few partners to over 110 partners across Africa.

We have a deeply ingrained conviction that prudent financial management, accountability and strong internal control systems has provided this solid foundation.

TB free world 

To generate evidence, strengthen capacity of TB affected people and engage policy to inform action on TB 

Fairness, Integrity and Excellence: